Highest quality products and best value

                    Mercator Pharmaceutical Solutions is a leading supplier and exporter of pharmaceutical and health care products for both human and animal needs. We market a wide range of products covering both the scope of the WHO's essential drug list and the most recent, cutting-edge therapies. 

                    Our mission is to acquire international suppliers, distributors and government agencies seeking a competent and ethical business partner in Asia for their pharmaceutical and health care needs. Allow Mercator to supply you with the highest quality products and unmatched customer service you require to develop and expand your business. 

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                    Professionals from Asia to Africa rely on
                    our line of pharmacautical products

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                    A complete line of veterinary products to meet
                    our customers needs around the world

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                    MEDICAL SUPPLIES

                    Offering a wide range of medical supplies
                    made according to our clients requirements.

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                    Best Selling Products


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